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I am happy to announce the (second, to be exact) launch of our long project called Mine.

It has been over 2 years in the making now, and is a results of many many hours of though and hard work of three people. It is a site where people post things that they own. You might choose to post everything you have, or only the certain things – it is up to you. Here’s a few usecases for example:

  • Do you have a story about a thing you own? Tell it to the world
  • Let the world know about things that deserve praise. Recommend your favorite products
  • Post-shopping syndrome: Let your friends and followers know what you got!
  • On the opposite: report bad quality things that people should NOT get
  • Gifts! What did you get for your birthday? Christmas? That’s interesting to know
  • We even let you make a single-thing’s blog. For example, a custom project of yours?
  • Follow friends and interesting people
  • Find new stuff and get recommendations

There’s many more ways to use this site. We really hope you like it – welcome: Mine.is

Oh and btw here’s my profile. Follow me! Here’s how it looks:

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