VVFY effect with JS

May 29th, 2015 — 11:12am

Played one time with JS. Move your mouse: ЗДОРОВ ИГОРЯН

(this is dedicated to Igor Skovorodkin, who made the #vvfy app so awesome)

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Launch Festival video

August 2nd, 2014 — 7:30am

We were launching MeetingPulse on stage of the Launch festival. After a few fights with Aaron, my cofounder (who’s driving the slides on this vid), we decided that I’ll be doing the presentation. I think it went well. Aside from a few glitches:

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TC Disrupt highlight

September 9th, 2013 — 8:10am


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March 1st, 2013 — 2:25pm

(not a) Press-release.

In short:

The “Dialogues” project is a would-be internet-based discussion platform, which, as opposed to any other existing platform (forums, messaging, etc), is designed to have structured knowledge as a result of the conversation (i.e. not just text). The tool could thus could be used in collaborative research, analysis, or any other collective conversation where order, logic and agreement are desireable.


The D. project has two aspects – a big “utopic” idea and a useful tool.

1. The tool. First step / aspect of the project is to create a platform for efficient arguments / conversations involving many participants.

Problems being solved:

– People don’t agree
– People don’t understand why they don’t agree

More specifically, the platform would allow users to effectively come to an agreement, by solving the inefficiencies of human interaction:

– Insufficient memory
– Parallel subjects (branching)
– Logical fallacies
– Mistakes / contradictions
– Terminology de-sync
– Emotions + ego

The second step of the project is to create a common knowledge base of the humanity, increasing “absolute” agreement.

Problems being solved:

– inability of current structural models to fully represent human knowledge
– asynchronious information
– entropy growth :)

When the argument is resolved, the agreement is found, the resulting data (agreement) is stored and accessible, as well as the underlying argument. Once resolved, it’s true forever, thus there’s no need to have the same argument ever again, anywhere.

Anyone can “plug in to” the conversation and bring their arguments towards any point, thus changing the structure of the knowledge. Any resulting “knowledge” point can be drilled back down to the conversations that lead to it.

As a result, we have a uniting knowledge on which most everyone agrees. We hope that it may spread peace and decrease hatered, but it should at least incrase constructivity of conversations.

To stay informed / participate

Join the LinkedIn group
Join the Facebook group

Come to the March 23rd, 2013 meeting in San Francisco (venue t.b.a.)

Anyone can participate. The project is non-commercial. We are seeking experts in the fields of: logic, knowledge, linguistics, AI, physics, etc.

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Stop (using) IE

January 26th, 2013 — 8:20am

Stop IE Logo

Reasons to Stop forever using IE

Simple version:
4. Speed – It’s slower
3. Security – It’s less secure
2. Memory Suck – It slows down your system
1. Code Problems – You won’t have the full experience

Longer version
Browser comparison
Browser Speed Tests

So why all the hatred?

Because if you have IE, you, most likely have an old version. It’s a magnet for viruses and a nightmare for website developers.  You shouldn’t care about the latter, but we, developers, suffer. Beleive me. If everybody in the world switched from IE, our job would be much more pleasant. Everytime we have to deal with IE’s peculiar properties, we wish it burned in hell. The reason I don’t give you technical details is that you won’t read them. Google it. The fact remains.

What should I use?

Choice 1: Chrome ; Choice 2: Firefox

If you don’t want to switch from IE:

At least, upgrade to the latest version. You have to.

If you need more proof:

German government tells you.
Thousand of businesses urge users to upgrade from IE6
Test results for HTML5 support

Help spread the word

Put the Stop IE logo / icon linking to this page on your site.

Stop IE Logo

The code for the logo:

<a href="http://www.petergreen.ru/stop-using-ie/" target="_blank" title="Stop Using IE"><img src="http://petergreen.ru/images/stop-ie-logo.png" alt="Stop IE Logo" /></a>

Stop IE Icon

The code for the icon:

<a href="http://www.petergreen.ru/stop-using-ie/" target="_blank" title="Stop Using IE"><img src="http://petergreen.ru/images/stop-ie-icon.png" alt="Stop IE Logo" /></a>

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