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(not updated) list of trivia facts about me:

  1. Peter Green grew up listening to the Beatles.

  2. Peter Green considers words as important as deeds, if not more important.

  3. Peter Green has worked in movie production (Amedia) and in an advertising agency (Leo Burnett Moscow).

  4. Peter Green likes Van Gogh.

  5. Peter Green was born in Moscow in August of 1985.

  6. Peter Green can be contacted by all means.

  7. Peter Green speaks English, Russian and French, he can blind-type in Russian and English but not French.

  8. Peter Green makes clothing under the brand Volga Verdi.

  9. Peter Green is not giving up on a startup called Mine.

  10. Peter Green tries to do things that are valuable from 20 years' perspective.

  11. Peter Green despises modern car design. Here's a few oldies he likes: Lancia Delta, Aston Martin Lagonda, De Tomaso Mangusta, Ferrari 412, Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 Freccia D'oro, Jag XJ12C, Monteverdi 375/4, Countach, Viper mk.1 and a few others. Oh, and Testarossa.

  12. Peter Green likes to talk about the construction of the world. He believes that the relativity of laws of nature is connected to the relativity of our perception.

  13. Peter Green liked to play Lego when he was a kid and I was sure I would do so all my life.

  14. Peter Green thought one needs to limit their exposure to beauty in order to be able to enjoy it.

  15. Peter Green is still a child and he doesn't care.

  16. Peter Green spends too much time in front of the computer.

  17. Peter Green rides a motorcycle.

  18. Peter Green wishes people were more open and trusted each other more. He wants everyone to see everyone else as friend and ally. Like at Burning Man.

  19. Peter Green is irritated by only a few things: people being irritated by things, and people unwilling to challenge their beliefs. And (most) other drivers on the road.

  20. Peter Green believes beauty is composed of harmony and character. Harmony is structure and balance (i.e. symmetry, rhythm) and it provides context to perceive the second part: character is uniqueness, function and differentiation.

  21. Peter Green rides biketrials (video from 2007) for about 13 years and still loves the sport.

  22. Peter Green prefers absurd humor.

  23. Peter Green has many good ideas (see #letsdothis) but not enough time or energy to build them. He needs help.

  24. Peter Green doesn’t believe in "God". Some people choose to call what they don’t understand "God". Peter Green chose to call them "things we don’t understand". Yet.

  25. Peter Green lives in New York.

  26. Peter Green is a visually-driven person. He can get super excited just from looking at abstract images.

  27. Peter Green thinks Richard Feynman was amazing. So is Steven Hawking, isn't he?! And his new hero: Neil De Grasse Tyson

  28. Peter Green's grandfather was a geographer and radio-gunner in the red army air force. My other grandfather was one of the best children’s illustrators in Russia.

  29. Peter Green thinks anything is possible. Anyone who questions this arrogantly claims to know the future, which has nothing to do with what we know, I.e. the past.

  30. Peter Green believes that all the people can live in peace and it’s the ultimate goal of the society.

  31. Peter Green thinks finding the ways to find the common via conversation is the way to achieve the latter.

  32. Peter Green likes music by John Frusciante, Live’s “The Distance to Here”, classical music, and everything else that’s good. Here's the listenable list (gotta have an acc on vk.com).

  33. Take a peek in what Peter Green has.

  34. Peter Green has never been in a fight in his life.

  35. Peter Green thinks politics is fucked up and the world needs his help.

  36. Peter Green thinks internet has changed the future and it’s obvious.

  37. In life, Peter Green is mostly interested in winning in the areas where he doesn't know how to win. Sports, games: never interesting. People and money: always interesting.

  38. Peter Green likes light (and light sources) and not so much: darkness, sleeping (going to bed to be exact) and hunger.

  39. Peter Green has an advice for everyone: the more you're certain about something, the more limited is your world view. You're in danger to be considered stupid or illusional. But on the other hand, it gives you the ability to act. So, the recipe for success: be stupid and illusional about your dreams. Follow them. Be smart in the rest and outsource it. Knowledge = past. Action = future.


email: peter.a.green [*@*] gmail.com
call: +1 858 952 6505